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‘KAPOW: Take that, Cinderella!’ Reading to girls – subverting the Princess norm

Every night at story time, I ask my daughter what she wants to read; depressingly, she makes a beeline to the huge pink Princess book. ‘Really?’ I ask, ‘Wouldn’t you rather have…’ I reel off a list of all the other stuff on her shelves. But no, predictably, Princesses it is then.   As a child you simply can’t escape […]

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Children, Feminism

I HATE BALLET. Why my daughter won’t be donning a tutu any time soon.

I dread tomorrow, when the weekly kids’ ballet class will take place in our apartment block. Predictably, my daughter will stand outside the performance room, paw at the glass doors and salivate as her peers dance around in their tutus. After this, an hour of tantrums will ensue and she will cry, plaintively, ‘Mummy, I want ballet…I WANT ballet…I WANT […]

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Feminism, Film

If only I were Danish…

I am a woman obsessed. My days monopolised by one omnipresent thought…   “WHO KILLED NANNA BIRK LARSEN?”   That’s the tagline of the amazing Danish detective series, The Killing. It’s a drama about a 19 year old girl (Nanna Birk Larsen) who is brutally raped and murdered – 20 ensuing episodes are spent blundering around Copenhagen as the Danish […]

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Why stay-at-home-mums can’t be feminists

Swoon. She’s done it again. Maybe it’s uncool to wear my heart on my sleeve, but Cherie Blair is slowly becoming my feminist icon. It’s her sheer audacity that I admire, a willingness to go where other feminists fear to tread… This week, she came under fire for saying that mothers who give up work were making a ‘dangerous mistake’. […]

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The mysterious case of the disappearing nanny

“Are you CLEANING THE HOUSE?!” My friend asks, looking aghast as she spies me with the mop and bucket. It’s not something you see a lot in Bangkok, expat wives cleaning their floors. We are a lucky bunch, able to afford full-time nannies and maids. But let’s face it, even if you’re in Asia or Europe, if your childcare lets […]

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