“Nina used different methods, besides just the conventional classroom style.” Zetty, Malaysian student

“We felt as if we were right there, in the midst of the newsroom!” Natty, Thai student

“I really love Nina’s ‘top tips'”. Naroath, Cambodian student


In Bangkok, I taught journalism at Thailand’s top university, Chulalongkorn. From scratch, I devised the entire syllabus for a course called ‘TV News and Documentary’. Most of my students hoped to pursue a career in journalism, so I created a practical course that enabled them to survive in the modern day newsroom.


Field trip to press conference with uni students

Class field trip to press conference

– finding & pitching a story;

– writing scripts;

– presenting & voice coaching;

– conducting interviews.

– news ethics;

– camera work & editing.

I also arranged field trips to newsrooms and press conferences, and organised a series of guest lectures with celebrated journalists.



The United Nations (UN) asked me to speak at a conference called WHY COMMUNICATION MATTERS.’

UN seminar: 'Why Communication Matters'

UN seminar: ‘Why Communication Matters’

I gave delegates some journalistic insight into how to sell a story, how to write an attention-grabbing press release and how to use social media to promote the UN’s work.



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